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PHILBERT ROGER DeVOLD.Wrote A Letter On 2/28/1977.,I Received A Notice Of Right To Sue From:USA,DOJ.C.R.DIV.(Federal USA Jurisdiction)Refer To:(DSD:HAG:1jt).Ltr.Received:4-11-1977.& Dated:4-7-1977.:Cert.Mail#:6037777.Request Return Receipt.,Signed For By:PHILBERT ROGER DeVOLD.(Letter Was:Notice Of Right To Sue Within 90 Days.: PHILBERT ROGER DeVOLD -vs- CITY OF DETROIT-(Engineer Dept.(Lic.Req.).& To File Case In:US Dist.Ct.,I Filed Case In:US Dist.Ct.:77-1714.,US Marshal Served Sum.& Comp.:Dist Of Orgin:39.,Dist.To Serve:39.,With I Have Legal Proof Of Service,Names,Signatures,Dates,& Times.& A US Dist.Ct.Order,& A Copy Of The US Marshal Service Returned To Me.,PS.At The Time:1977.In Order For A Case To Be Filed In US Dist.Ct.It Had To Have A Value Of Over:($70,000).It Had Over That When The USA,DOJ,C.R.DIV.Emp.Sect.Sent Me Ltr.Notice Of Right To Sue Wiithin 90 Days.:Dated:4-7-1977,Received:4-11-1977.(Refer To::DSD:HAG:1jt).(Initials).DSD:Is DREW SAMUEL DAYS,lll,USA,Asst.Atty.Gen.,Director,C.R.Div.,(1st BLACK DIRECTOR,USA,C.R.DIV.),Later,SOLICETOR GENERAL OF USA.,Background-(YALE UNIVERSITY-( LAW PROFESSOR).,Initials:HAG:HERBERT A.GOLDSMITH,JR.,USA,DOJ.ATTY.C,R,DIV,(Emp.Sect.).PS.Initials:(DSD:HAG:1jt)(FEDERAL USA JURISDICTITION)4-7-77.& 4-11-77.,:US Dist.Ct.:77-1714.,US Marshal:(39-39).,US Six.Cir.Ct.Appeal:79-1678.,US Marshal:(39-61).PS.I Filed Motion For Injunction, Because Of Interference In Federal Case.( No Answer,Or Reply).Requested Three-(3)-US Dist.Ct.Ordered Supenas For Character References For The Trial.,Before The Trial. They Were Given To Me During The Trial.After The Trial The US DIST.FEDERAL JUDGEMENT WAS WRITTEN USING TWO-(2)-NAMES:PHILBERT ROGER DeVOLD.,& PHILBERT DeVOLD.,(You Are Only Sworn Under FEDERAL Oath One-(1)-Time,& Only Have One-(1)-LEGAL-NAME,& One-(1)-Set Of Ten-(10)-Fingerprinnts-Printouts.(No Arrest Or Convictions-(LIFETIME).(USA ARMY VETERAN).I Applied For Two-(2)-Engineer Positions,& Passed Twi-(2)-Test For The Positions,& Was Denied Employment.( There Was A Critical Shortage In The Field At The Time) I Was Denied Emp.Because Of My Race,& Nothing Was Ever Done About It. PS.(We All Have A CAREER). PS.A Shout Out To My Late Brother:FRANK DeVOLD-(Deceases).(BLACK HISTORY MONTH-(February-2021). 1st BLACK FORMAN,GENERAL-FORMAN,SUPERINTENDENT,GENERAL-SUPERINTENDENT:CHRYSLER-(DODGE TRUCK).,PS.A Former Member Of BETHEL A.M,E.CHURCH.(To God Be The Glory).(IHS:In His Service.2/26/2021.PS.He Was A NAVY VETERAN.& High School Grad.Cass Tech.AT Age:15.,& Later College Grad.,With All:A’s. PS.PLEASE VOTE:PHILBERT ROGER DeVOLD.5203 CHRYSLER DR.APT.507-F5.DETROIT,MI.48202-4168.(313)592-4725.Mobile.,E-Mail:P.R.DeVOLD@ATT.NET.(St.Antoine Gardens Apt.Bldg.)APT.507-F5.(Veteran Discount). Absentee Voter Ballot-(PSA).Higest Supervisor On Election Day At Pct.,(Reg.Voter Pct.136.(Bethel A.M.E.Church).2/26/2021.12:07.PM.(Thank-You).A Member Bethel A.M.E.Church.Past ALTER BOY,President Of Junior Usher Board,Present Member Senior Usher Board #2.Past Member Of Junior Choir,& Young Adult Choir.,Taught Sunday School,Church Youth Day Speaker,Church Mens Day Speaker,Worked With Boy Scouts.,Serve Breakfast To Church On Mothers Day,Past Member Of Teen Town-(Youth Fellowship).Participated In Church Fund Raisers,PLAYS,& FASHION SHOWS.& Volunteered For Many Other Various Projects.(Taking Food & Food Baskets & Visiting The Sick & Shut In).Passed Out Forms For People To Apply To Work For The Detroit,Election Comm.(Civil Service:Open Competive Exams).Bethel Is A Modern Church That Keeps Up With The Times.,My Name,Telephone No.,& Address ,& Picture Is In The Church Directory-(ACCURATELY).I Would Like To Thank All The Members Of The Bethel A.M.E.Church Family For Making The Church What It Is.(We Will Allways Stick Together & Support The Church & Each Other.,(The Name BETHEL,:Means:(HOUSE OF GOD).PS.The Sup.Ct.Of USA Opens:10-04-2021,1st Monday In October,With The Sup.Ct.Of USA MARSHALS.,Remember The First BLACK SUP.CT.OF USA CHIEF JUSTICE,(Thurgood Marshal).BLACK-HISTORY MONTH-(February-26-2021.15:41.PM.PHILBERT ROGER DeVOLD,USA ARMY,VETERAN:Officer In Charge Of:ADMN.DEPT.& LAW DEPT.(AG,& JAG).Initials:P.R.D.*.PS.Notary Public State Of Mi.,County Of Wayne.,Cert.& Bonded, Lic.:EX:06/05/2023.,Fully Ins.With Mi.First C.R.UN.,(The Name & Address Of A Notary,& Signature Must Be Full At All Times:PHILBERT ROGER DeVOLD.:( Cert.Dr.Lic.#.Ten -(10)-Fingerprint-Printouts,Cert.To Be Admitted In A Court Of LAW.,(With -(Veteran)-On Dr.Lic.EX:(2024).My First Notary Comm.Or Lic. Around-(1971).Signed By A Circuit Judge.,Name Used:PHILBERT ROGER DeVOLD:(Legal Name & Signature).Initials:P.R.D.*.(One-(1)-)Single-Male).1971 I Applied For A Auto. Loan At Det.Teac.CR.UN.(Now:Mi.First CR.UN).In 1971,IT Was Approved With The New Auto As Security & Auto.Payroll Ded.Every Two-(2)-Weeks.,I Changed My Mine & Changed The New Auto Loan To A (Colleteral-Loan).I Deposited More Money In My Account Than The Total Cost Of The New Auto.,& Would Make Auto Loan Payments Every Two-(1)-Weeks, Until The New Auto Loan Was Paid Off.(New: TR-4.Triumph Convt,1972.,Red,With Black Convt.Top.)Isurance:State Farm,& B C & Blue Shield,& Provident Disibality Ins.,,9/2/72.Auto Accident Not My Fault.I Sued:(Won:$4,452.00).& Went Back To Work.Case Filed In Court & Investigated.(Legal).,4-1-73.Auto.Accident.(Not My Fault)Car Totaled & I Hospitaled).State Farm Paid (Full) Value Of Car & Med.Bills.,B C & Blue Shield Paid Med.Bill.(Provident Ins.Paid Dasibility.).,I Applied For Another New Auto Loan,& Was Approved:1973 XKE Jaguar-V12-Convt.(White W/Black Top.,Had Another Auto.Accident:12/26/1973.,XKE Jaguar-V12 Convt.(Totaled).State Farm Paid Full Value Of New Auto.(All Three-(3)-Auto Accidents:1.Det.PD.Report.:9-2-72.,,2.HighLand Park PD Report.(Used Illegal Name, With Legal ID:Robert DeVOLD,With Philbert Roger DeVold.ID.4-1-73.,3.Det.PD.Report.12-26-73.,F.Cuumurtian,Hosp.Director Sign Hosp.Admit.,(Three-(3)-Auto.Accidents.)Three-(Hosp.Admits).,Three-(3-Legal Payroll Audits.,Dr.Julian Bass,DIRECTOR,Payroll-Dept.(Det.Bd.Of Ed.).Related Training,Engineer School,& College.1970 To ENGINEER Graduate:Dec/1973.,Professional Certified ENGINEER LICENSE:(First One-(1)-04-30-1974.(Certified For Proficency).With Three-(3)-Professional College Degree,Reputale:(Character References).,& A Chief Engineer At U.Of D.University.,& Chief Engineer At Det.Bd.Of Ed.,& The Engineer Supt.Of Det.Bd Of Ed.,(Waiting For My Return To Work,To Transfer Me Into The ENGINEER DEPT.,With Full Senority,& Benefits.(Senority-1971-(Perm.Emp.).(ENGINEER DEPT.(Everywhere)Lic.Required:(Must Have Engineer Lic.).Lic.Must Match:Name,Address,Picture,& ID On Current ID.(EX:2024.,With (Veteran In RED,On It).,Certified To Be Admitted In A Court Of LAW.:Name:PHILBERT ROGER DeVOLD.:D-XXX-XXX-XXX-422.EX:(2024).,& SS#:***-**-8484.,& Ten-(10-Fingerprint-Printout-(Clearances:Det.PD.,MI.State PD.,USA,DOJ,CJIS,DIV.FBI.(USA FEDERAL JURISDICTIONS)..PS.A Member Of Community Volunteers.,Taking Felony Criminal Cases Of Young BLACK Men Younger Than I,Who Were LIFETIME PROBATION,Instead Of Incersation,& Thought It Would Help Them.From Frank Murphy Hall Of Justice,Recorders Court,(Felony Cases).I Worked With Them & Sent A Monthly Progress Report.After Working With Them For A Few Years,There Was A Chance That Their Records Could Be EXPUNGED & They Could Have A Normal Productive Life.FOUNDERS:Hon.(Judge) James E.Roberts,Sr.Joenette Nitz,Sadie L.Fennoy.,Some Of The Board Members:Atty Jeffrey Edison,Dr.Larry Gant,Dr.Horsldv W.Gunn,Robert Kinghton,& Several Others,Etc.Dated:03/03/2021.Reference Letter Dated 6/14/1994.To:PHILBERT ROGER DeVOLD.,& $100.00 A Plate Dinner Arward:10/14/1989.Everyone Should Have A Chance To Have A Life & Career.:3/03/2021.(Dr.Lic.#.,& SS#.,& Ten-(10)-Fingerprints-Printouts.,& (Voter Reg.Pct.136.,(Should Match).PS.(USA,DOJ,CJIS,DIV.FBI (USA,FEDERAL JURISDICTION)Fingerprint-Printouts-(CARD)Fee:$18.00.(Thank-You).



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