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H.O.P.E Ministry





The H. O. P. E. Ministry is a Mental Wellness Ministry.  Our mission is to reach out to our members, their families and the community to offer love and support.  We want to address the needs of those who have been diagnosed with various mental illnesses.  These diagnoses may include but not limited to Alzheimer/Dementia, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Major Depression, and Developmental Disabilities.  The ages may vary depending on what the illness is so we address the mental health of the elderly as well as children, teenagers, young adults and adults. We also would like our members to know that we include support and caring for their families as well.  We hope people begin to understand that we are all God’s children and He loves us all.   So our members need to see that they can gain hope through the outreach of the members of the church and powerful expectations will come about. This ministry offers information that God is with us during our time of illness/sickness. One who is affected in the mind or body at whatever age needs to know that the body of believers that they have worshipped with over the years is willing to be of assistance to them.  Congregants need to know that they are still important, that they still matter to the church and can be included in the church’s outreach ministries.  This will allow those affected by illness to know that God truly does care because He has sent other congregants to care for them. We have members who have been trained as facilitators to lead support groups.  Our support groups are voluntary and confidential.  What is discussed in the group is to stay in the group. Personal issues are not to be discussed outside that group and we do not allow people who are not in the group for that session to come in. We also cannot disclose who is in the group. The Depression Support Ministry Group meets on second Wednesdays each month from 4:30pm-6pm.  The Family Support Ministry Group meets on fourth Saturdays each month from 12pm-2pm.  We hope to eventually provide support ministry groups for other needed topics.  While we do not provide therapy we provide resources along with our support.  We also have fellowship luncheons immediately after Sunday Worship quarterly.  At this time we invite some of the resource agencies in the community to come and speak on mental health and various diagnoses.  We often have pamphlets and other information to distribute with appropriate phone numbers as well as addresses. Our meetings for the Ministry have taken place on second Saturdays each month.  We invite those who would like to come and join us. We are thankful to have encouragement and understanding from Pastor Jarrett. Our H. O. P. E. Ministry Team includes officers, laity and clergy of Bethel.

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