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Crusaders' for Christ

The Crusaders' For Christ is a ministry designed to encourage fellowship among the men of Bethel, to serve as a body of support to and for one another, and to support the activities of the church while developing a strong male presence within the community.



  1. To create an organization of fellowship that fosters Christian bonding and an enhanced male ministry.

  2. To create a viable Bible study program for the men of Bethel and men within the community to encourage and increase the male presence within the Church.

  3.  To create or sponsor programs that generate funds to assist in meeting the short- and long-range objectives for improving the building and grounds of the Church.


Vision Statement/Strategic Plan:

To become the premier men's organization of Bethel by setting standards within the Church for young men to emulate. To maintain a strong presence and be the example that young men in the community strive to become. We look forward to sponsoring youth programs for young men such as mentoring, after school sports activities, after school tutoring programs, expansion of the men's choir and assist in the neighborhood outreach programs.

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