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The Purpose

This organization shall be to implement mission programs and activities in local communities to fulfill the purpose of the organization, by providing a training ground for later Christian service to the Women’s Missionary Society and the African Methodist Episcopal Church.  Also, to provide specific training in Evangelism, Christian Social Relations and Education programs designed to increase knowledge of the African Methodist Episcopal Church History and the Scriptures.

The components of the YPD and Children’s Division shall consist of:

SUNBEAMS - Children ages 2-6 years of age, preschool to primary.

ALLEN STARS - Children ages 7-12 years of age.

YOUTH- Females and Males of the ages 13-17 years of age.

YOUNG ADULTS- Females and MALES of the ages 18-26 years of age. 

The YPD and CHILDREN’S DIVISION are under the direction of the local Ruth Missionary Society. 

Sister Evelyn Smalls is the appointed Director of this Ministry.  Meetings are once a month; date and time to be announced.

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